Tabe Shouri has worked on a diversity of tasks from small, apparently insignificant buildings to larger building complexes through to urban master plans and territorial studies, in the social, cultural, and corporate worlds.


Exhibition Design

We work in parallel with our clients to understand the venue and targeted audience to collect, discuss, create, and display in new ways.




Architecture, art, connectivity, public knowledge, culture, society, and economy besides many other sectors are all activated by public and cultural projects in a city.




Tabe Shouri believes that today’s problems are not strictly political, economic, or ecological – they

are design challenges that marry multiple systems that lead to systematic solutions. We exercise research and path-finding in the Lab Section of our practice exploring new ways to think, talk, and design.




Tabe Shouri plays on its Middle Eastern roots to create a rich and delicately balanced experience that is in dialogue with the building’s overall design.




Tabe Shouri challenges the traditional boundaries of landscape design. We engage urbanism, environmentalism, and culture when we shape the terrain around us.



Small Design

We take design to the smallest detail from lighting fixtures and furniture to designing tailored solutions like door knobs or bathroom fixtures for our projects.




Retail design

Tabe Shouri builds on the specific personality and brand and conceives of designs that are open to reinterpretation and respond to their retail audience.



Each of our projects has a distinct story to tell and we help you craft the materials needed to communicate these to your target audience.



Signage and way-finding can be subtle or loud: we make it work either way while integrating it into the

the overall design of the project.





Construction Companies

Project Management

At project start-up, a kick-off meeting is held internally to review the scope of the project, key deliverables/milestones, and expectations from core team members.



Consensus Building

Rather than a series of presentations, our process is built around interactive workshops in which all team members are encouraged to listen and learn from each other’s experiences.



Creative Process

As designers of the built environment, we test the effects of scale and the balance of programmatic mixtures on the social, economic, and ecological outcome of a given site.




We are involved in several high-profile international projects that require our service above and beyond the traditional scope of architectural services. Many cultural institutions see that our international presence and awareness can unlock additional funding sources that have traditionally not been available to those institutions.


Budget Control

At Tabe Shouri we do not traditionally think of architecture. This is why we need to collaborate with the client to establish a firm grip on the project finances. Through our pragmatic approach to architecture, in sketching, drawing, and detailing, we continuously seek new methods to follow the initial project idea through building completion.




Quality Assurance

Quality is a constant part of our design process, and as such, our client is a central figure in any successful quality assurance process. We believe delivering the best quality assurance possible means listening to and understanding the demands and needs of our clients throughout the entire building process.